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The Girl in the Yellow Scarf

He’s black, Ivy League educated, from a prominent family in Harlem. She’s white, homeless, from a subsistence farm in Kentucky. They are worlds apart but share a passion—music. 


For the past five years Mike Monroe has struggled toward an MBA, expecting to take over the family business. But within months of graduating realizes he just can’t do it, and drops out of NYU to pursue his dream as a musician/composer. Alienating his entire family with his decision...

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The Piano Man

At age twenty-five, Mike Monroe has reached a level of success few attain in a lifetime—record contracts, leader of a renowned band, and a hit musical on Broadway. However...something is missing. 

From his achievements of the past two years Mike Monroe should feel confident but when given the opportunity to compose a new musical he lacks inspiration and fears his debut hit…

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The Opus Cafe - where the lost are found...

Love can cause you to do crazy things...


Within a matter of days, musician/composer, Mike Monroe, still recovering from getting shot, turns his back on all he has accomplished in New York, becomes engaged and follows his cherished fiancée to a distant continent – so she can meet a commitment to set up a school for orphans.

But when unimaginable tragedy strikes...


Praise for: The Girl in the Yellow Scarf - 

Opus Series Book One

"The Girl in the Yellow Scarf (Opus Series Book 1) by C. Ray Frigard is a beautifully written story about two people who are desperate to pursue their dreams. The book is written from the third-person perspective and alternates between Mike and Sarah. By providing the alternate views, it gave me the ability to connect with both of the characters. 

I was transported to the busy streets of New York City, where I took in all the sights and sounds. I felt as though I was sitting besides Mike as he played the lovely melodies accompanied by Sarah. The writing flowed freely, and each word was beautifully strung together, creating a memorable story.

I chose to give the book 4 out of 4 stars and would happily recommend it to audiences young and old."

- Stephanie Elizabeth,  11/22/2019 -

"A candid narrative of redemptive love, the heartwarming story of The Girl in the Yellow Scarf,

although causing some tears, made for great discussion."

- Lake Minnetonka Book Club Review

"This book is a jewel - rich in content, heartfelt in emotion, diverse in characters and transcendent in love. 

This story was both hopeful and heartbreaking, the characters fragile but forceful, and the love redemptive and triumphant."

- 25th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards





"A heartwarming story with finely drawn characters." - Tim Pickstone


"Lots of smiles, good chuckles and my share of tears." - Karen Walshe


"This is an endearing story of two people coming together through their love of music." - Laurie Harper

"The author captures the essence of the change that takes place in a person

when you add goodness and love to their life." - Melanie Caulfield

"The music sang out from the pages, beautifully described."  - Sharlene Boerema

"A story of strong willed people who follow their dreams." - Karen Brooks

"It is sweet and riveting." - Merrelyn Brand

" his debut novel, Frigard captures...feelings and themes familiar from Jonathan Larson's Rent...the pieces falling into place for Mike's opus are satisfying."

- Kirkus Reviews


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